About Us

APD Ltd is a leader in plastic design, fabrication & welding of products for the NZ and Australian markets.  APD is the only company in NZ with an approved Code of Practice to fabricate Chemical Storage Tanks to HSNO Standards. APD is a NZ owned company that provides solutions in plastics and strives for high quality and customer service within the industry.
APD’s wide range of custom built, high quality Plastic Tanks, Ducting and Pipework, are designed and engineered to ensure the solution matches your needs.
From dealing with hazardous substances, to providing Fume Extraction Systems, Storm water Detention Tanks, Plastic Liners, or Water and Waste Water Systems, we offer commercial and domestic solutions for any type, or size of storage problem.
We can manufacture on-site, or undertake fabrication at our premises for delivery and installation.
Our consultancy service also offers site inspection and assessment, on-site maintenance and repair, and installation services.
To ensure all of this can be handled to the highest standard we have opportunities galore from reception through to design engineers so see our corporate site here and to join us here.